Atau Tanaka


Prométhée Numérique

Hoerspiel for radio, internet and machine performer

Produced by SWR2

Co-producers: Radio-Canada, Goethe Institut Tokyo, ZKM, IAMAS.
1 Dormant 11:54
2 Awakening 6:23
3 Excited 6:05
4 Out of Control 8:26
5 Tamed 6:01

Total time: 38:50
© 2002 Atau Tanaka

Including essay: Composing as a Function of Infrastructure

Atau Tanaka was born in Tokyo, and was raised in the U.S. He came up in Silicon Valley in the 90's making music from virtual reality technology. He moved to Paris in 1992 and played music festivals like Sonar, Musique Action and 38eme Rugissants, and media arts festivals DEAF, and Ars Electronica. He founded Sensorband with Zbigniew Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide, mythic for their physical performances and monumental instruments.

In 1997 he moved to Japan for a project at NTT/ICC and came in contact with the noise music scene, playing with Merzbow, Otomo, KK Null and others. Back in France since 2001, he has realized large scale installations and network pieces including a commission from the German radio SWR.

He creates a digital music in real time through bodily gestures of the performer and time perturbations of the network. His current trio is Sensors_Sonics_Sights with graphics performer Cecile Babiole and Thereminist Laurent Dailleau. Atau has received awards and support from the GMD, the Fraunhofer Society, and the Daniel Langlois Foundation.

He is currently based in Paris and conducts research at Sony Computer Science Laboratories on future music systems. He has released recordings on the labels Bip-hop, Caipirinha, Touch/Ash, Sonoris, Sirr-ecords.

© 2005 Aureobel