Petri Kuljuntausta

Vroom! (8', 13Mb)

This work is based on the recording that I captured at The Piccadilly Circus, in London, on Tuesday 16th May 2000. The day was warm (24 Celsius) and sunny, I remember it was one of the warmest days in London during that May. During the Piccadilly Circus recording I stayed so near the traffic that my microphone almost hit the passing vehicles. The main focus in the VROOM! is in the sounds of rush hour - sounds of cars, motorbikes, ambulances, car brakes, signal horns... Only a few unclear speech fragments are possible to hear, coming from people talking while they walked behind me.

This Is Piccadilly Circus (3', 3.8Mb)

Life at the Piccadilly Circus metro station, May 16th 2000, 6pm.

metro station, a place where you stay only for a short moment
travelling people
all waiting
noises of trains and people
train and station announcements
different languages and nationalities
some person walking, the other one running
persons who doesn't make any sound, perhaps
some sounds doesn't change here, but the sound environment around them is in change
sound texture of the environment, unstability


Forum_Corner (3', 4.5Mb)
Recorded in the Helsinki City, Finland, in front of the Forum shopping center. Date: November 23, 2002. This is pure soundscape recording, no additional sounds.

Petri Kuljuntausta