ON/OFF - Eetteriäänistä sähkömusiikkiin
'ON/OFF - From Ether Sounds to Electronic Music'

Co-published by LIKE Publishing Ltd & KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art
800 pages + CD recording
ISBN: 951-578-934-6
Language: Finnish
Publication Date: June 5th 2002

On/Off explores the development of electric instruments and studio technology, the creation of the first electronic, musique concrete and computer works, including interviews with the composers and inventors of electronic instruments, in Finland. The book presents a huge amount of unknown and rare material, founded from the YLE / Finnish Radio archives, composers' private collections and elsewhere.

Along with the pioneers of Finnish electronic music, the book presents rare interviews and comments from international artists who performed / composed music in Finland during the 1950s and 1960s, including Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Folke Rabe, Ken Dewey and Terry Riley.

Kuljuntausta also explores the connections between electronic music and other art forms during that time. An extensive bibliography and work list are included.

The book is accompanied by a 74 min long audio CD [edited & collected by Petri Kuljuntausta] including the first Finnish electronic, computer and musique concrete works composed between 1958-1963 by Reijo Jyrkiäinen, Bengt Johansson, Henrik Otto Donner, Erkki Salmenhaara, Ilkka Kuusisto, Erkki Kurenniemi, Seppo Mustonen, Usko Meriläinen, Pehr Henrik Nordgren, Martti Vuorenjuuri, Veikko Eskolin.

Petri Kuljuntausta is an electronic music composer, performer and sound artist. He specializes in environmental sounds and in the composing of sonic landscapes. He has composed electronic music for experimental films, visual art and dance projects, and made media and sound installations in museums, galleries and concert halls.

His most recent soundscape composition project [spring 2002] was based on sounds of Aurora Borealis. Kuljuntausta has collaborated with the experimental film director Sami van Ingen, urban architecture group Ocean-North, composers Juhani Nuorvala, Morton Subotnick and Atau Tanaka, writer / voice performer John Richardson, sound artist Richard Lerman, visual / conceptual art group OLO and musician / improvisor / philosopher David Rothenberg. Kuljuntausta's music has been performed in many European countries, Australia and the USA, and he has made recordings for various labels in England, Finland, France, Germany and the USA.


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