Petri Kuljuntausta


Noise City

Live At Musica Nova festival 2005

1 Noise City 39:40

Total time: 39:40

ISRC Fi-3AB-05-00022

An Aureobel Production
Artistic Direction Petri Kuljuntausta
2005 Kuljuntausta / 2005 Aureobel
Produced by 2005 Aureobel

Album includes an essay by Petri Kuljuntausta:
"Feedback As a Performance Tool in Live Digital Music"
+ Flash presentation and pictures

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Petri Kuljuntausta is a composer, performer and sound artist. He is famous for music composed of sounds both natural and extraordinary. In close collaboration with natural scientists, he has composed an underwater installation from underwater materials and made music out of whale calls and the sounds of the northern lights. In many ways Kuljuntausta's art is based on good knowledge of tradition; soundscapes, concrete music, live-electronics, improvisation and collaborations with media artists has influenced him as a composer. His recent soundscape composition project, based on soundscapes of northern lights and feedback sounds, is a fruitful collaboration between science and art. A forty-five minute long audio/video composition Northern Lights LIVE was performed at ISEA2004 festival, the 12th Symposium on Electronic Arts.

Kuljuntausta has composed digital music for experimental films, visual art and dance projects, and made media and sound installations in museums, galleries and concert halls. His works has been performed in many European countries, Australia and the USA, and he has made recordings for various labels in Australia, England, Finland, France, Germany and the USA.

Kuljuntausta has collaborated with the experimental film director Sami van Ingen, urban architecture group Ocean-North, composers Morton Subotnick and Atau Tanaka, sound artist Richard Lerman, visual/conceptual art group OLO and musician/philosopher David Rothenberg.

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