Petri Kuljuntausta


In The Beginning


The works on this recently released CD [Petri Kuljuntausta, Momentum, 2004] are based on short samples of instrumental sounds. The final track, In The Beginning [2001, 12:45], is based on sounds of a bird nest. If you listen to with headphones you can clearly hear the closeness of the birds, flying around your head...

"In July 2001 I made a recording by installing a binaural microphones at the left and right sides of a hand made wooden bird nest. The recording place was in my home garden at Meadow Path, Helsinki.

While young birds waited their food they kept chirping every now and then. Behind the bird sounds it is possible to hear sounds of human culture; traffic (passing cars and trucks), distant trains (whistles and brakes), an aeroplane, my footsteps... When the bird parents come back to the nest, this happens a few times during the piece, the nest is immediately full of joyous sounds; sounds of chirping and flapping wings.

Only a few hours after this recording the young birds (in Latin: Ficedula hypoleuca, in Finnish: Kirjosieppo) left the nest. It was the time to start their own life.

I shortened the original soundscape recording only very slightly at a few points, mainly cutting out (a few seconds) of my own walking noises. I also loudened the original recording few decibels to reach clearer view about the environmental sounds."

From a CD review: "The closing track 'In the Beginning' is like a symphonic poem for environmental sounds. Beautiful and mysterious music. It is good to stop by on these sounds." Jukka Mikkola / Rytmi magazine 2004


WFAE - World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 3 - September 1, 2004.