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What is Aureobel ?

The Real Net Album

Aureobel publishes and distributes albums from innovative digital and electronic composers and sound artists. Aureobel investigates new ways to produce music for digital environment and is open for creative ideas. The company is interested about the concept of real net album, artistic possibilities of digital music presentation as well as possibilities of internet distribution. Soon we're going to release, for example, generative music albums, including constantly variating digital compositions, an idea which will totally chance the concept of music album. All Aureobel releases are unique albums and will be designed with close connection with the composers. All artistic and publishing rights are reserved and protected by copyright law.

Featuring artists

We have started with four albums, including music from Atau Tanaka, Richard Lerman, If, Bwana and Petri Kuljuntausta, and the number of new items will raise significantly during 2009.

Digital art

Aureobel's main purpose is to publish unique works of digital music and sound art, but little by little we're going to publish also digital books, digital videos and writings on electronic and digital music and sound art. Also historical works will be published from the archives of the composers, heirs and radios. Aureobel has signed publishing contract with copyright society Teosto / NCB (Nordisk Copyright Bureau). All albums has the status of copyrighted records (like CDs), including production numbers and codes, and also ISRC codes for radio broadcasters.

Sound quality

Aureobel's high quality mp3s are encoded with Lame (alt-preset standard, 44.1kHz) and using the VBR setting (max bit-rate 320 Kbps). Variable Bit Rate encoding means that the bit rate will vary throughout the duration of the recording. During silence the bit rate will be as low as 32kbps (all the data required to describe silence) and when the music is extremely complex it will be as high as 320kbps, ensuring no detail is missed.

Licensing and copyright

This service is licensed by Teosto/NCB on behalf of the composers and publishers. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this album prohibited.

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