Petri Kuljuntausta


First Wave
A Microhistory of Early Finnish Electronic Music

2008, 443pp, ISBN: 978-952-01-0235-7


The Finnish pioneers of electronic music began their first sound experiments with tape recorders, computers and DIY electronic devices in the 1950s, keenly aware of new trends in the international avant-garde in Germany, Sweden and the USA. World-renowned composers like Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, and young Terry Riley visited Finland, where they created unique and internationally little-known works and performances.

But the Finnish composers set out along their own maverick path in their experimental pursuits; Martti Vuorenjuuri's ebullient and inventive Brave New World is sui generis even by today's standards, and the screaming and weighty primordial sound textures of Erkki Kurenniemi's On-Off are closer to Jimi Hendrix's feedback noises than Stockhausen's electronic compositions.

First Wave is the first historical study to investigate the musical microculture of early Finnish electronic music. The writer, digital composer and musicologist Petri Kuljuntausta's painstaking microhistorical research comprises long interviews, the discovery of lost tape works, and the analysis of an impressive corpus of media resources and archive material.


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  • YleX interview (10' audio)
  • Yle Radio 1 interview (20' audio)
  • YLE TV1 news interview (5' video)
  • YLE Teema interview (7' video)
  • newspaper interviews
  • book reviews





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