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Frequently asked questions

Are Aureobel downloads safe?

We ensure the music downloads from the Aureobel are virus free and safe for your computer. Note: Aureobel is not responsible for any computer issues related to your software or hardware.

Are music downloads from Aureobel legal?

All the music downloads you purchase from Aureobel are legal. We only sell copyrighted music.

What do I get ?

When you purchase an album from Aureobel, you get to download a ZIP-file
(~ 60MB) containing media presentation of the album and including MP3-files of the compositions mentioned in the artist's presentation page. You will also receive some extra material - such as pictures, videos, text - depending on the artist. In the future the albums may contain even more rich media content.

All the extra material is mentioned in the artist's presentation page. There you can also listen to and download one minute sample of the album.

How do I purchase and download music?

Browse to the page of your favourite album and click "Buy this album". You will be asked to fill user information and confirm the desired album. Once this has been completed, Aureobel will e-mail a confirmation with a link to the invoice in a seruce (https) server. You should then follow the instructions in the e-mail to pay for your order in you bank.

Once we have recieved your payment we will send you a link to where you can download the album you have purchased.

How many times can I download an album?

You may only download an album once, but you can play the album unlimited times and copy to any device for personal use.

What happens to my current downloads if my computer's connection to the Internet is interrupted?

If for some reason your initial album download is interrupted during transfer or an album does not download completely, our download system keeps your order open until the download has fully finished.

In the event of an interruption, the album that is interrupted must be fully downloaded again. The download system will keep track of what is downloaded and maintain the listing of your pending downloads.

What happens if I lose my file?

In the unfortunate event you delete and lose one of your downloaded music files, we will be unable to re-deliver a file to you. The initial file you download is associated with all of the rights to burn CDs and transfer the file to portable devices. If you delete and lose this file you may be unable to do any of those functions.

What file format do music downloads come in?

Music downloads from Aureobel are MP3 files. Aureobel's high quality MP3s are encoded with Lame (alt-preset standard, 44.1kHz) and using the VBR setting (max bit-rate 320 Kbps). Variable Bit Rate encoding means that the bit rate will vary throughout the duration of the recording. During silence the bit rate will be as low as 32kbps (all the data required to describe silence) and when the music is extremely complex it will be as high as 320kbps, ensuring no detail is missed. We use this format because it offers superior sound quality.

Why is the MP3 file shorter than mentioned?

With some media players the duration of the mp3s might be incorrect, but there is nothing wrong with the files. Reason for incorrect duration is that some mp3-players don't read time correctly when the VBR-setting (Variable Bit Rate) of mp3-format is used.

How much hard drive disk space do I need?

Each album downloaded will occupy approximately 50 to 80 MB of disk space. To check on how much disk space you have available, open "My Computer" and then right-click on the hard drive where you will store your music, and click "Properties" from the menu.

Do I need a high-speed Internet connection to download music?

We highly recommend you have a high-speed Internet connection (DSL or Cable Modem connection recommended), but it is not required to download music.

Can I play music from Aureobel Downloads on my Apple Macintosh® or Windows® computer?

Yes. The music downloads from the Aureobel will play on any Apple Macintosh and Windows computer. For listening you need a MP3-compatible player. Most new media players support MP3.

Can I transfer the music I download to a portable player?

Yes, you can play files on a MP3-compatible portable player. Most new portable media players support MP3.

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